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Kozi's is all about food done the South African way.

If you’re into meat, it’s the place for you!


On the 26th March 2010 Kozi’s first opened its doors to the world, stamping its initiation in the world of dining with a modest beginning of nine tables. What Kozi chose to do was to provide a fusion between the two cuisines with which he had grown up and truly loved - the Greek and the South African. So, on that day in March, Kozi decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his dream. The result was none other than a restaurant focused on taking a different approach towards the term “dining”. Simple, yet delicious, recipes were constantly being tested and adopted by our patrons, and through their feedback we were given the opportunity to rediscover our passion and creativity every single day.

Today, a few years later, the restaurant may seem different, but its roots remain the same. Our compass is unambiguous and not under negotiation; people and food always come first. Our patrons’ appetite must be satisfied in the best manner possible, and our food must meet the strictest standards that we set out for ourselves - and that is none other than that of homemade food cooked to perfection. It is this same compass that has steered us through all the moments that we have had the opportunity to experience and gratefully enjoy, and it will continue to do so.


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